The Immanuel Approach training and facilitation here in San Francisco is in its infancy stages, but growing. The vision is to bring a sustainable healing of emotional wounds and trauma to the San Francisco Bay Area through intimacy with Jesus. It is a movement that includes everyone, all brothers and sisters with a desire to see captives set free, wounds healed, hearts transformed.

We are looking to join forces with the “healing community” here in San Francisco.  This invitation goes out to beginners with no training in mental health, but who love Jesus; Pastors and Ministry Leaders who would like to have additional training for their prayer teams; and Mental health professionals who want to add the Immanuel Approach to their therapeutic model.

As we regularly receive our own healing, we find that much more than simply a “tool in our tool belt,” the Immanuel Approach prayer for emotional healing becomes a lifestyle.

As we grow together, we will share testimonials and endorsements from a wide variety of people that have found it to be so beneficial.  You can see some of those on our Immanuel Approach Videos page.  We will start with one that was recently shared as an endorsement of Dr. Karl Lehman’s newest book “The Immanuel Approach” published at the end of 2016.   We will also add testimonials from Pastor Patti Velotta’s great team of people from all over the world where Immanuel Approach is being shared.

Here’s one to consider…

“In Dr. Lehman’s latest book, The Immanuel Approach: For Emotional Healing and for Life, Karl teaches the insights he has learned over the past 30 years on how to perceive the presence of Jesus to bring emotional healing. In this teaching Karl differentiates himself from others who have written about this subject because he teaches the reader how to take deliberate action steps, discovered in clinical settings, which lead to perceiving the living, interactive, presence of Jesus. In plain terms: Karl teaches “how to” whereas others simply speak to the “possibility of.”

I have utilized the Immanuel model to bring emotional healing to some of the most severely traumatized populations worldwide. In Uganda I sat cross-legged on a dirt floor across from victims of Joseph Kony’s rebels watching Jesus reconsolidate the horrific memories of those brutalized by child soldiers. In India, I saw Jesus bring hope and healing to young ladies who were sold into human trafficking since the age of seven. In the Mid-East I saw Jesus release those who had been captivated by fear for most of their lives because of the terror perpetrated by the Taliban on both themselves and their families.

However, this book is not only for the reader who deals with such severe trauma. In this book Karl teaches the reader how to begin to dialogue with Jesus from a secure and joyful place. From this safe-place of joy, Karl then teaches the reader how to develop a lifestyle characterized by communication with Jesus that is life-giving and fun. I not only recommend this book to mental health care workers, but also to anyone who desires to move beyond a lifestyle of what may seem like a one-way communication with Jesus. This book is especially for those who may feel like they are offering “one-way” prayers to heaven and want to move into a lifestyle characterized by a two-way, joyful, relationship with the lover of their soul. “

Mark Hattendorf, Ph.D.
NCAA 2x Division I All-American,
Psychologist, pastoral counselor, wilderness adventure counselor, life coach

May we find ourselves sitting with those who have great trauma, in our sphere of influence, and see them transformed from being with Jesus. More Lord Jesus…more.

I have been exposed to various forms of inner healing over my 20 years of church planting, and have found the Immanuel Approach to be uniquely powerful and helpful not only in processing trauma, but in daily life as well. Using positive memory recall and deliberate appreciation to establish an interactive connection with Jesus is the missing piece to being able to sense God with you every minute of every day! Before discovering the Immanuel Approach I sensed God’s presence sporadically or only when processing trauma. Now, however, after learning how to nestle into appreciation memories, I can sense God’s presence consistently and continually with me, guiding me, comforting me, confronting me, and calming me. The Immanuel Approach has led me into a vibrant relationship with God that I had read about in the Gospels, but never dreamed possible.”

Toni M Daniels
Church Planter, Comunitas International (formally Christian Associates)
Director of Geronimo Center for Innovation and Leadership in Uruguay
South America Regional Coordinator for LK10 Communities
Author of Back to Joy, An Intimate Journey with Jesus into Emotional Health and Maturity

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