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Immanuel Approach Training Class

San Francisco – Immanuel Approach Training Class

Dave and Malia McKinney, Immanuel Practicum City Leaders


Here in San Francisco, there is a small but growing group of lay people being trained in the Immanuel Approach style of inner healing work.  The Immanuel Approach can best be thought of as a way to become more “intimate” with Jesus, who heals us through that intimacy.

Pastor Patti Velotta

Pastor Patti Velotta




Pastor Patti Velotta, author of  Immanuel: A Practicum has been working with Dr. Karl Lehman for over 10 years, and has been traveling all over the world teaching and even more than teaching, helping people to experience Jesus in a real way.


Pastor Patti says on her website “As I mentioned in my book, it is not the only inner healing approach that heals nor is it all we need.  However, I agree with Dr. Karl Lehman who says in his book, Outsmarting Yourself, that from his experience, the Immanuel Approach is the safest, easiest, and most effective approach to inner/emotional healing.  He also recognizes that the greater goal of the Immanuel Approach is intimacy with God, Immanuel, God With Us.  From that intimacy, we experience emotional healing as a byproduct and the Immanuel Approach becomes an approach to life as we walk with Him.”


Dr. Karl Lehman, wife Charlotte, David and Malia McKinney

The first Immanuel Approach training in San Francisco took place on April 2015, which which is where David and Malia McKinney met Pastor Patti.  Hosted at Reality SF, the training was attended by 40 people from all different churches and ministries.

Later that year, because of their commitment to learning and teaching the Immanuel Approach, David and Malia McKinney were appointed “City Leaders” for San Francisco, taking initiative to see the Immanuel Approach grow as a practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. Supported directly by Pastor Patti and her team, David and Malia have completed all of Pastor Patti’s Immanuel Trainings, including Advanced and Advanced 2. Their goal is to equip, encourage and raise up others in the Immanuel Approach style of intimacy prayer and to see people healed by going deeper into an interactive connection with Jesus.  Intimacy with Jesus is a life-long journey, one that is richly satisfying and life-giving. The more we learn, the more freedom and joy we experience in His presence.

In th vedeo below, you’ll catch the flavor of Pastor Patti’s Immanuel Approach, as well as hear David and Malia share what Immanuel Approach means to them.

In addition to leading training and practice sessions, both David and Malia are certified Immanuel coaches and do individual coaching sessions, either by skype or in person in the San Francisco Bay Area.